Beating the Cabal

The question is, what to do about the cabal?  They are called by many names.  The inter-locking wheels of them are referred to in various ways, but what is the answer against them?

They can be fought on various fronts.  Here are some simple steps.  Everyone can do one or more of these.

  1.  If a store is pushing an agenda that is historically against the advancement of western civilization, don’t shop there.  Nothing talks like money.  Vote with your feet.  If you complain and say that I can’t buy what I want at such a low price as there, well, Jesus said, “you cannot serve God and mammon”.  There are many applications to that scripture, but “walk the talk”.  If you do not believe in something, then give you money to someone else or some other business when you buy products and services.  When the corporate sales go down of the company you and others like you are boycotting and they go out of business, guess what, you win.  And more righteous people and businesses than those that just went down in flames can step in and fill the gap and provide needed goods and services.
  2.  Pray.  Pray when you see the news, do not just watch the news.  Prayer means different things to different people but God hears prayers calling for righteousness.
  3. Tithe.  One of the promises in tithing is that God will rebuke the devourer.  Do you want corruption and criminality rebuked within the United States?  Then tithe to a church that preaches salvation through Jesus Christ, what is called a full gospel church.  Do these churches have problems?  Yes, but still, more good is done than problems.  Would you rather tithe to a church preaching Jesus or Planned Parenthood or ISIS?  Support what built western civilization and its freedoms and laws, now in danger of being lost for lack of support.  Don’t use the excuses to not tithe, because then you are part of the problem as well.  Read Malachi 3:10 and the surrounding verses.  These are laws like gravity.  Use them to your own benefit. If you do not have a local church, I recommend Daystar or TBN or one of the churches that is on their station.  Find one you like and tithe to that.  Tithe to your local church.  Give offerings to others.  Giving to secular organizations like the Red Cross is not tithing, that is alms.   Guaranteed that if the United States were a nation of tithers there would be armies of angels to keep these secular, progressive atheists out, as well as ISIS.  Again, put your money where you mouth is.
  4. Use social media to spread awareness of real news, not the propaganda news of the controlled media.
  5. Become a Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, and begin to learn about the spiritual world.  You will learn how to more effectively pray against the forces of darkness affecting this nation.  There is certain amount that can be done at the natural level and which must absolutely be fought and won in conjunction with the spiritual battle.  These are also satanic forces operating in the heavenlies and these must be fought with spiritual weapons, not natural ones.  However, that is beyond the scope of this blog.  Those who are born again can learn and operate these things.  For the others, this applies.   “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”  I Corinthians 2:14

If you have no access to a church, here is a blog with many links to places of interest, including TBN and Daystar.  Or, search for them on Google.

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