Disturbing Appointments by Cruz

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Power Down Before 9-11

The power was shut off for 36 hours before 9-11.  That meant security was down and there were “engineer” workers.  Watch 3 short videos from former WTC workers at this link.

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Benjamin Fulford Repost of 3-28-2016

The repost is quoted below:

20160328 Khazarian Satan worshippers now exposed for all to see

The battle for the planet earth is heading towards victory for the people as the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia is being unmasked in ways that defy denial. We have the New York Times reporting that gates commemorating Baal (another name for Satan, image at link below)


are being constructed in New York and London.


Then we have a leaked e-mail from Hillary Clinton where she writes about “sacrificing a chicken to Moloch.”


Moloch, another namesake of Satan, was a god that children were burnt in sacrifice to in ancient Babylonia. An image can be seen at the link below:


Next we have a photograph of German Chancellor Angela Merkel taking a selfie with one of the terrorists behind the Belgium airport terror that took place on the March 22nd (322) day of Satanic sacrifice.


Mossad front company ICTS was in charge of security at the airport and the attack killed no Khazarians, Pentagon sources note. It is also worth noting the number 322 is on the emblem of the German founded Skull and Bones society at Yale University. Skull and Bones is dedicated to Satan worship according to recent revelations.
On top of this we have US presidential candidate Ted Cruz saying on TV that “Donald Trump may be a rat but I have no desire to copulate with him.” In other words he is saying he “copulates with rats.”

Following this we have Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso saying that the “United States in the 1930’s, like Japan now, was suffering from deflation and it was World War 2 that brought the US out of that situation.” He then adds that “we are looking for the trigger.” Thus we can see the fraudulently elected Abe regime now exposing its true fascist face.


Are you starting to see a pattern here? Either these powerful leaders have gone collectively insane or a systematic campaign to expose them for what they really are is fully under way. My guess is that it is the latter and the NSA and other agency white hats are exposing these people in order to help overthrow them.

In fact, in a clear sign the white hats are on the move, US top general Joseph Dunford last week summoned Google Chief Eric Schmidt to the Pentagon, according to US military intelligence sources. At this meeting Dunford told Schmidt that….

The rest is by paid subscription at http://benjaminfulford.net

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What Can Be Done?

This post is divided into two sections so people can read one, or the other, or both. The first section has to do with things that can be done in the physical world, in the natural plane. The second section is directed to those who consider this more than a natural battle, but a spiritual one as well. The header will determine which section you are in, and you don’t have to read both if they don’t interest you.

Potential Actions for the Natural Realm or Physical Plane

Those who are proven to actually take the side of liberty, and not be some kind of RINO, or CINO (Constitution in Name Only), and who don’t plan on losing the battle at the last minute (like Congress) can take part in lawsuits. With so many watching Infowars, perhaps have “money bombs” for particular lawsuits with targeted amounts.

1 million viewers X $5 per viewer = $5 million per lawsuit(s)

Everyone doing a little towards the desired end takes the burden off of a few.

Those who are most knowledgeable should suggest the best direction to go with this, i.e., Roger Stone, etc.

One point in conjunction with the above is the problem of activist judges. When he ran for President, Newt Gingrich was right in that he was pushing the fact that Jefferson would eliminate the seats of judges gone rogue. http://spectator.org/articles/37281/president-gingrich-would-curtail-judicial-power How can we get rid of judges that are obviously legislating from the bench against the Constitution? This needs to be looked into and followed up upon by those with greater legal knowledge than myself.

Multimedia and social media. I think smaller videos, of no more than 3-5 minutes, and actually closer to 3 minutes or less, making a quick point are better to spread the infowars.  Taken from Infowars documentaries or newscasts or ad pieces, they should have the Infowars website watermarked on them or listed in the lower part of the screen or corner in some way, in order to bring people to the site.  Short videos may go viral. Some of the best videos are the satire pieces that pull in the old black and white videos discussing propaganda. Get some short things that can go viral and brand it with Infowars to build the base. If people want the longer video from which the shorter clip is taken, perhaps have the link at the last frame so people can go to it. The problem with the information is that most people don’t have time to sit down and watch a one hour video. However, they can get a quick point in 3 minutes and watch that on a break at work (where they might also share it with the person sitting with them). Long documentaries are necessary to build the foundation of knowledge, but short videos are what people watch initially.

Everyone should think about what they can do. This is something each person can do something according to their ability. Social media users should be sending out the information from Infowars. Do what you can do easily. If you use Facebook, use that. If you use Pinterest, use that.  Use Twitter and other social media.  If Infowars has a page of Instagrams that people can send out on Facebook or Pinterest or use in blogs, have a place, a page on the Infowars website or elsewhere, where all those are listed and where people can access them for use on Pinterest, etc.
Each person has different abilities and circles of influence. Do what you can. And if a person has a high level of legal, political, monetary, or social power and influence, they need to think about what they can do that the average person cannot, and do that. Part of the problem is that the people more willing to expose this and fight this are those lower down on the social totem pole. Those who have large multi-million dollar salaries working for the elite may not be as willing to get in the fight. However, they could donate anonymously to lawsuits.

And is this not the whole issue of why the government wants complete spying powers? If they know everything, they know who is fighting them. It is a power to try to stop it. And is this not why they are getting into AI? The NWO is making a Frankenstein of evil forces that they are trying to use for their own purposes to take over the world. However, if that happens, do they really think that they are safe from a mob of a million Muslims trying to scale the walls of their mansions and hideaways around the world? And what will they do then? Do they plan on using AI armies to protect themselves in the future? All of the technology is being put in place to protect the elites from their own end game.

Collaborate together against the NWO.  Example.  If someone feels led to run for a local political office, but has no technical skills, someone who is willing and capable of making a viral video could help make it for the campaign. Someone else who can write articles could write some. Others could spread the word by social media. It is an example of people working together to accomplish a common goal, each using their skills, but there has to be more collaboration, probably through social media and Skype, where people join together to accomplish specific projects, some locally, and some state-wide, and some nationally. It takes a recognition of who has the skills and the natural ability for certain jobs, and getting out of each other’s way and letting each other function, yet working together for a goal. That is what the country recognizes in Trump. He is the right person for the job at this point in history. Others have knowledge, but knowledge alone is not the only thing that is needed. Trump has “it” and people recognize”it”.

Each person should have a time of reflection every day of what he or she can do. Multiplied by everyone, that will change the tide. Different people are at different levels with different knowledge and ability. There are some people who are positioned legally or politically or socially who can do more than others. A prime example is Donald Trump. He is single-handedly taking on the NWO, but are there not others who could do this as well? Where are they?

Regarding the Churches

Appeal to churches- the problem is they have been asleep, waiting for the rapture, which is a doctrine brought in, first by a Jesuit priest, and later in Scotland. Without getting too deep into it, the point is the evangelical attention was elsewhere other than focused upon the takeover of economies and nations by the NWO.  “Why should I fight if I’m going to take flight?” was the underlying thought.  Fewer believe it today.  Plus, the problem is that they are 501 c(3) churches so they are actually part of the system that needs to be removed. In other words, they cannot speak against their rulers. They cannot call prayer meetings against corruption. They cannot speak out politically. Plus, the churches are confused about Romans 13. Romans 13 is for legitimate government that follows the law. Our current government doesn’t. The logic of Romans 13, according to prevailing church thought, leads to illogical conclusions and choices. In other words, if the government tells you to support Stalin, Mao, Hitler, jihadists or any other doctrine contrary to the Ten Commandments, will they do it? They will say no, but in reality, when they won’t speak out, they are siding with what they are not willing to oppose.

Pray according to your understanding. One basic point people miss is this. God gave the earth to man. Psalm 115:16. Because God can do something, does not mean that God will. He has to be invited into the battle through the free will prayers of people. He has given all power, all authority to mankind through Jesus Christ, but it is up to mankind to use that. He will not do man’s job. That said, what can man do? Several things.

Pray according to current understanding. That can grow with experience.
Go to the Psalms. David was a man after God’s own heart and he was continually doing all he could do naturally to win the battles, with an ear to God as to the direction to go. He also had many prayers to the Lord to bring down the enemy. Pray some of his prayers.

Take seriously the statement that Jesus said in Mark 11:23,24 combined with prayers from the Psalms.

Take the word of God pertaining Babylon (Revelation 18:6) and speak that scripture (and others like it) out, asking God to send forth angels to fulfill his word (Psalm 103:20). The Bible is full of historical incidents, some of which are where God defeated whole armies, the most notable being Moses leading a group of slaves out of Egypt through spiritual warfare in which the Lord directed the battle and got involved in winning it. God directed Moses and backed up his directions with signs that Moses was God’s man for the job.

Part of the problem is not recognizing the God who is behind liberty. The Founding Fathers did in the Declaration of Independence but this more secular world that has forgotten there is a God, this has turned into a war of “us” against “them”. The fact is, the warfare against those who oppose freedom, and many names could be used, for example, NWO, this war is one that started in Genesis. A fallen angel was cast out from heaven and tried and keeps trying, to take over the earth.  If it helps you to think of him as an ET and get away from religious terms, then think that long enough to understand the principle. Don’t get stuck on semantics. A fallen being, cast out of the higher heavens, wanted to take over the earth. The earth had been given to man. This fallen being had to trick man to giving up his authority. And don’t we see those same tactics nowadays? Politicians trick constituents to vote for and support the very things that will destroy the constituents, for example, TPP.  And if the constituents wise up and don’t fall for the same traps, well, then the politicians ignore the will of the people.  We see this happening with Donald Trump.   So this same force is operating today.   This is, and has been for centuries, the ultimate battle between good and evil. Will God have control of the earth? Or will the fallen being called satan or the devil take it over? That is ultimately what is behind the takeover. And those who have studied it have pointed out that Hitler was a satan worshipper. Those today of Bohemian Grove are satan worshippers. Part of the child trafficking problem is that they sacrifice children for satan worship. The point is, that this actually is a spiritual battle, and that along with all natural tools, such as the spreading of information and lawsuits, there must be spiritual tools used. These are some of those spiritual tools.

1. Prayer, pray to the best of your knowledge, “ask and it shall be given you”
2. Pray, “two or three in my name”
3. Pray prayers of “binding and loosing”
4. Speak the promises of God out, political promises. This is not understood enough, and not employed enough. God’s angels watch over his word to perform it. If man doesn’t speak, the angels don’t work (Psalm 103:20). God does not run roughshod over man’s choices. If man decides not to engage God in the battle, God will sit back and let man try to solve it himself. “With all your getting, get understanding”. Understand how this stuff works and work with it. Work the system God has set up. Understand it and use it intelligently. What you say is what you get, is true, ultimately. (Mark 11:23, 24) And if we want God to fight for us, we need to be saying the right things. Some suggested scriptures are these, but there are plenty more, particularly in David’s psalms.

Revelation 18:6
Psalm 91:13
Psalm 7:15,16

There are many more. Read the Bible and find the ones that speak to you and use those.
Evangelicals and Protestants will balk at this one, but it is a historical fact that prayer to St. Michael the archangel has helped hold back the forces of darkness. The Catholic Church, through the corruption of Vatican II, took out the prayer to St. Michael in the 60’s and look at all the roots of problems that began in the 60’s. Read more here.

Also, the rosary has been used throughout history as a way to defeat satan and his hordes. It was used in prior centuries to hold back the scourge of Muslims entering Europe. However, recently, the Christian faith and prayer was too weak to keep the current invasion out. Read more here.

In reality, there is much to do. Either we can work in the natural, we can fight the spiritual battle, or we can do both.

I leave you with this well-known prayer.

St. Michael the archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander the earth, seeking the ruin of souls.  Amen

[This can be copied and shared provided this link remains here at the bottom. Thank you. http://wethepeoplefree.com/general/what-can-be-done/
Copyright (c) Cheryl Jones 2016


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Donald Trump – The Snake Warning

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Judge Jeanine on DC Money and Power

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No Tramp of Soldiers’ Marching Feet

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Foreign Troops Arrive in Texas

Read more here.

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Did You Know the RNC Thinks Your Vote Doesn’t Count?

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Benjamin Fulford – March 8, 2016

Benjamin Fulford’s blog is at http://benjaminfulford.net

After a week, the older post is released.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Evidence trail leads to Turkey as Khazarian mafia world network continues to fall apart…

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
March 8, 2016
Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened Turkish president Recep Erdogan that he will “restore Constantinople (Istanbul) to Christendom and protect Russian maritime security by liberating the Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits”, Pentagon sources say. “This has been the plan all along as borders will be redrawn, with Turkey expelled from Cyprus and balkanized,” they added.
This may be what prompted Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to fly to Iran and seek peace between the Sunni and Shia factions of Islam.

If the two sides agree to a peace deal, this could mean the 1384 year-old split between the two factions of Islam might end. That is what the Turks are hoping for to counter the Russian, Western military alliance that was formalized when the Pope and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch met on February 12th, a first since 962 years ago.
However, the situation may not be that easy to resolve because of deep Turkish involvement in the Nazi coup d’etat that took place in the US on September 11th, 2001. It now seems the choice of that date for the attack on the US was linked to the fact that September 11, 1683 was the date the last Turkish attempt to convert Christian Europe by force of arms failed. This was when the siege of Vienna was lifted by a Christian coalition just hours before a giant Turkish gunpowder mine was set to blow open the walls protecting Vienna.

The Nazi/Turkish link has deep roots in history. It can be traced to Hitler’s number 3, Rudolf Hess, who was brought up in Egypt. His resentment of the West traces to the fact that his family’s fortune was confiscated by the victorious allies after World War I. Hess was also a member of a Turkish secret society with ancient historical links to the German Thule Society and the Italian fascist P2 Freemason lodge. These groups have long sought revenge against the West for the destruction of the German, Hapsburg and Ottoman Turkish empires after that war.

In the run up to World War II, according to British intelligence and other sources, the Germans and the Turks trained hundreds of thousands of Muslim brotherhood activists to fight against British and French rule in the Middle East. They sent many of these trained fighters and pseudo-Muslim “fundamentalists” to Saudi Arabia after World War II. This group morphed into Al Qaeda and now ISIS. Their latest maneuver has been to flood Europe with Muslim refugees in what the Pope has denounced as an “Arab invasion.” The Turks and their Saudi plus Nazi allies retaliated to this criticism by killing four nuns and 12 others in Yemen.


The perpetrators of this attack are not Muslims but rather worship an entity they call the Black Sun but which true believers have long known as Satan.

This Satanic network is now being systematically dismantled in ways that are visible even in the controlled Western corporate media. The rise of US presidential candidate Donald Trump is a key example of this. Last week Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, on US nation-wide Fox TV, said the Republican establishment was terrified of Trump because “He’s not one of them…he has not been through the initiation rites, he does not belong to the secret society.”

This has prompted multiple death threats against Trump, starting with Fuhrer George Bush Sr. but including others.


However, the fact is this time it is the Bushes who are running scared. According to the Pentagon sources, the recent trip by Russian Orthodox head Kirill to Paraguay “was a message to the Bushes they are not safe anywhere.” The arrested Mexican drug lord and Bush agent El Chapo is being deprived of sleep until he agrees to be extradited to the US to testify against the Bush/Clinton mafia, the sources add.

Also, the takedown of Hillary Clinton is moving along quite rapidly. Hillary’s lesbian lover and aide Huma Abedin has been indicted, her IT guy has been given immunity in exchange for testimony and a grand jury is busy interviewing people to see who will be subpoenaed for her upcoming indictment. Charges will include leaking state secrets and using the Clinton Foundation like a secret government among other things, FBI sources say.

Another obvious sign that it is not business and usual is the fact that David de Rothschild, head of the Swiss branch of the Rothschild banking family, is on the run from the police.


David de Rothschild’s name came up frequently in negotiations between the White Dragon Society and other Western secret societies before the March 11, 2011 tsunami and nuclear attack against Japan.

After 311, the Rothchilds’ representative Dr. Michael Van de Meer (aka Michael Meiring) told this writer the attack was aimed at forcing 50 million Japanese to move from greater Tokyo to North Korea where the Rothschilds planned to establish their new Asian headquarters.

A while after the 311 attacks, then Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan told a packed press conference at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club that he had been strongly encouraged after the attacks to evacuate greater Tokyo. Despite the fact pretty much the entire Western press corps and all major Japanese news media outlets had reporters there, nobody reported on these comments. Now suddenly, Kan’s story of being pressed to evacuate 50 million people is suddenly all over the world’s news outlets as the 5th anniversary of this terror attack approaches.


While Rothschild is presently wanted for fraud, it is only a matter of time before his and his families’ role in that mass murder incident will also be investigated.

The Rothschild colony of brainwashed Europeans known as Israel is also under serious siege now. US intelligence has told their Russian counterparts that Israel is suspected of using Turkey as a proxy, “to avoid Russian wrath,” in the recent murder of Russian GRU military intelligence chief Igor Sergun. This has backfired because it “has only deepened Russia/US military and intelligence cooperation,” the US sources say.

To underline this, top US general Joseph Dunford went to Israel on March 3rd and warned the Israelis not to assassinate Trump “or any other of the good guys.” They were also told to stop any infiltration of terrorists into Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Furthermore, US Vice-President Joe Biden will be in Israel on March 8th to warn them to stop cooperating with either Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

The Chinese have also shown what side of the fence they are sitting on by instituting a 6 day visa free program for the Shanghai region that includes 51 countries like the USA, Japan, Russia, France and the UK but deliberately excludes Israel. The Japanese government is also restricting visas for Israelis.

Meanwhile, things are also heating up on the economic front. World shipping remains in the “worst slump since the Vikings.”


The Nazi puppet regime in the Ukraine has become bankrupt and dysfunctional while major Western banks continue to survive by means of fraudulent accounting. Now the Canadian government has publicly admitted it has sold off the last of its official gold reserves.


This is interesting because the Canadians were probably the last people on earth willing to trade gold for Federal Reserve Board debt notes mistakenly called “US dollars.”

The Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, world headquarters for privately owned central banks, itself is almost certainly in big trouble. Of its 21 governors, only 4 are not European or North American (there is a token one each for Brazil, China, India and Japan). Even the BIS may be running out of gold at this point.

That may be why intrigue is heating up on the gold front. White Dragon Society allies in Darwin, Australia say the US military has 4,000 troops there training for “some sort of special operation.” Darwin is the closest place in Australia to the cabal controlled Freeport McMoRan gold mine and Nazi submarine base in Papua. The US military might be planning a move on it, the source speculated. A CIA source in South East Asia, meanwhile, was intrigued by this newsletter’s report that Persian royal family gold in Thailand was making its way to Hong Kong. He said the Persian gold had been made slightly radioactive so that it could be traced by satellite and that the report was right to say Hong Kong was where it was ending up.

The Asian allies are now saying the gold will be made available at a 13% discount from the market price for minimum orders of 20 tons. Of the 13% discount, 10% was to finance the new future planning agency and 3% was for commissions, they said. Proof of the gold’s existence is supposed to be provided to the WDS in Hong Kong possibly later this month, Chinese government sources say. When the proof is provided, it will be made public, the WDS says.

As all of the above shows, and multiple sources agree, something very big and worldwide is coming down. Many insiders say it could happen as early as this month or April. We shall see how events unfold. One thing to watch for is to see if anything happens around March 24th, when US corporate government spokesperson Barack Obama visits Nazi South American headquarters in Bariloche, Argentina.


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