The Economic Death of America

Many thinking people realize the tremendous economic burden Obama’s executive action places on the country, not to mention the unConstitutionality of it all.

Let’s go back to the root.  More than once on this blog the root cause has been pointed out.

The first unConstitutional item is the fraudulent birth certificate.  Why should anyone be surprised that an individual who is not willing to have the birth certificate issue cleared would do anything but destructive measures against the country.  It seems obvious he is a “wolf is sheep’s clothing”, yet very few are willing to dig into this.  The few that have have come up with conclusive evidence that the birth certificate is a fraud.

So why wouldn’t a person with a fraudulent birth certificate not do something destructive to the country.  It only is logical.  It falls in line with the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me.”  Well, shame on all the pundits, the Ph.D’s, the think tanks,  the attorneys, the high-ranking military officials who have taken an oath to protect against “all enemies foreign and domestic”, the controlled media, and all those who flaunt their degrees and positions as some kind of statement of invulnerability of error.  They have missed it.   The “birthers” are right.

As a matter of fact, and this has been discussed before, the original “birthers” were the Clintons.  They were going to expose Obama before the 2008 Democratic convention until there was a death threat placed on Chelsea.  Watch it here for yourself.  If this is not plain enough for you, then the suffering of destruction under Obama will be the only thing that cracks the shell of unwillingness to see the truth.  When we suffer from wrong beliefs, it is that suffering that begins to open us to the light of the fact that we missed it somewhere.  This is an immutable principle, and any person who pays attention in life sees it working over and over to people of all situations and classes in life.  Somewhere down the road Americans will wake up to the fact that they took a wrong term with Obama (more and more are beginning to) and then they will ask “why” and that will finally lead them to the birth certificate.  It seems it is taking a lot of Americans a long time to figure it out.  The explanation is laid out in the video below, but certainly it is available in many other venues as well, for those who have “eyes to see, ears to hear” and who truly want to understand and have intellectual honesty.

You see, basically, if no one in positions of legal power wants to deal with the birth certificate issue, they might as well forget about the rest of it.  The birth certificate issue is the KEY issue, it is the ROOT to all other things.  It doesn’t matter if it is executive orders, illegal immigration, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, ISIS, Ferguson, or any number of things where the administration has its fingers in the pie, the root is the birth certificate.  Pull the root and the tree goes with it.

If someone is trying to pull up a large weed or tree he shouldn’t pull at tug at a couple of leaves, or branches, or pick some fruit,  he should go to the root.  All the hoopla and drama that goes on in DC deals with the leaves, or branches,  or the fruit; it doesn’t deal with the root.

A person who does not have a legitimate birth certificate and who is not legally qualified to be in office should be removed legally.  Plus, ALL that he has signed becomes NULL AND VOID because he had no legal authority to sign it.    Get rid of the root and the tree and everything else goes with it, as the root has no legal authority.

It’s not that hard to see.  It is only hard for those whose whole careers and futures and retirements and reputations and families have been threatened, because in reality, they do have a lot to lose if they speak the truth.  However, when enough people speak the truth, the balance of power is switched from those who are doing the threatening and blackmailing, to those who are being threatened, and as one, they stand against the corruption.  Jesus talked about the power of unity.  There has to be unity against corruption.  The more who speak out, the faster things change.

The whistleblowers who are coming out one by one are making a difference.  They give courage to the next whistleblower to take a stand.   We see more and more exposure of corruption and evil due to more and more whistleblowers and those willing to take a stand. We recognize, as we turn back the pages of history, that is was the courageous minority that took the stand against corruption and evil, that finally defeated it.   They led and spearheaded the way, and enough of the masses followed.  Those who sat on the sidelines, or who stuck their finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing, before they make a decision, are  not those who are remembered in the history books.

One reason it is important to discuss these things and let people know what you believe is that there are people in power who do know the truth, but who as yet will not speak it.  They are waiting to see enough consciousness and awareness of the truth among the masses before they act.  If they act on what they know to be true, while the masses are still believing the propaganda, the masses will villify the very people and leaders sent to help them.

If you understand what is being said in this article, and you believe in exposing the evil that is currently going on within DC, then pass this on and help enlighten someone else.   By sharing those things that expose what is going on, even if you don’t write it, you help expand the circle of awareness of the truth within your circle of influence and beyond.


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