Let My People Go That they May Serve Me

History repeats itself, and I believe we are moving into a time of repetition of the events leading up to the release of the children of Israel from Egypt. Biblical Exodus chapters 5-12 cover the story, with more history in the surrounding chapters and Genesis. If you don’t have a Bible to read it, find an online version.

The children of Israel had gone down to Egypt during a time of famine. Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob, had been sold into slavery. He then rose to second in command to Pharaoh. He was leading the Egyptian nation through a famine, and his family eventually joined him. When new political rulers arose, they forgot Joseph and his family, and that Joseph had helped lead Egypt through famine. They enslaved the descendants of Joseph and his family, known as the children of Israel or Hebrew slaves. Historical dates are off archeologically, but if you search, you will find these events.

From a slave family of the tribe of Levi came Moses who eventually realized he was to lead the people to freedom. I won’t go through the details here. You can read them. He kept going to Pharaoh asking Pharaoh to release the children of Israel, the Hebrew slaves. Pharaoh refused and entered into a period of playing games. He said he would, then he wouldn’t, then he would, then he wouldn’t. This went on for quite a while and every time Pharaoh reneged on his promise, there was a plague. Finally, there was a last plague that broke the back of Egypt. The firstborn were killed. Pharaoh let the people go. Then he sent his army to chase them, after which, the Eygyptian army was defeated. Egypt’s power was gone. The slaves were free.

I want to focus on two of the last plagues. One was the plague of light and darkness. The other was the plague of death. Again, read the account for the details.

The economic cabal has held the world in its grip for many years. And its diabolic schemes extend beyond “money” alone, though money is at the root of what they do and how they pay off their servants. For example, there is the outright manipulation of fiat money which caused devaluations, inflation, and manipulation of economies around the world. Then there is HAARP and weather warfare. It takes money to run that and to pay the servants who do the bidding of the elite in flying the planes and dumping the chemicals or running the HAARP facilities. So the economics of this show up in different ways.

With the plague of light where there was light to the children of Israel, but darkness to the Egyptians. There is now more and more light or knowledge or exposure being shined on what the elite are doing. It is becoming more difficult for them to hide. With the internet and alternative news media, more and more stories are being shared and people are waking up to the cabal’s propaganda that has held them in bondage.

Another plague was the plague of the death angel. In this, only the firstborn of the Egyptians were killed. Those who followed Moses’s instructions to protect themselves were safe. We see the deaths of many bankers. I personally believe they had the potential to be whistleblowers. And I believe that this is the beginning of plagues unique to the cabal alone. They have felt that they could manipulate money or chemtrails or do poisoned vaccines or different things to affect only the peons and that they were immune through their money and power. As in Egypt, I believe they are going to begin to experience forces larger then themselves who will bring them down and cause them to reap as they have sown.

In any case, I see the parallel of the whole story. And I do think we are entering into the last stages. The story starts out with the oppressive burdens of Egypt and with a rulership that arrogantly figured it could break its words, break contracts, and be as abusive as it desired to the slaves with no power greater to hold it in check. The plagues came, the final plague being the death to the Egyptians. That plague was so great that the leadership had an attitude change…it gave gold, silver, and jewelry to the slaves and told them to leave. The slaves left, the army came after them, and then the army was destroyed.

I believe we are getting close to that time. The plagues of death are beginning to hit those near the elite, I believe, to silence potential whistleblowers. I see that the bondage and plagues have worked themselves up the parallel ladder until we are near the time of freedom. I believe what happens next will be unique to the elite, the cabal, the economic rulers of the world and those in collusion with them, and will be the bringing down of their power.

Once Egypt was destroyed, it never rose to power again.

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Rash of Dead Bankers

Also, read this.

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The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance

Today, February 11, 2014, is the day we fight back against mass surveillance. Contact your legislators. Make your voice heard.

Click here to read more and participate.  It only will take a very few minutes of your time.

After you participate, forward this link to friends so they can participate as well.


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Are Your Bank Accounts Safe?

This is a very short video, but worth watching. If you are wondering what the answer is to the above question, and don’t already know it, that answer is “no.”

What can you do? People and their bank accounts, savings, and retirements are pawns in a larger game being played at a lot higher level than where the majority of us live. Pawns are expendable, and so are their bank accounts. If you don’t understand that, watch the video. Learn from Europe.

If you already do understand that, then also watch these three videos. http://3videos.info This information is not just for Americans, it is valid for many other nations. When you watch the 3 videos, this is what will happen. You will receive some useful information. You will not be contacted unless you initiate a request first. Your information will be kept private. The emails were written by me. If people don’t “get it”, I don’t try to convince anyone. This is one of those things that if you are not awake by now, it will probably take another tragedy to be the catalyst of awakening. I understand how many Americans are asleep, hypnotized, affected by cognitive dissonance, and actually have a hard time understanding how corrupt things are. Unfortunately, many Americans will probably awaken when there is another great crisis. 9-11 woke up some. 2008 woke up some. Obamacare woke up some. The ones who are still sleeping need another crisis, as they missed the last few alarms going off.

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Interview About the Economy

What I like about this interview is that it is not American. Therefore, there is no one internally from the United States to try to spin the truth or ignore the truth. Other nations are probably more realistic about what is happening to the dollar than your average American.

Also watch http://3videos.info The debt-free company behind this began moving to gold after the 2008 crisis. This form of gold will be useful in the future if you need a form of gold that is usable in the marketplace.

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