Klayman Discusses Firing of Rosenstein and Removal of Mueller

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Trump – Russia

With the release of The Memo, by now it should be clear that there was no Trump | Russia collusion.

There was, however, an orchestrated effort between Christopher Steele, the FBI, Fusion GPS, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton as an integral part of the DNC regarding a phony Russian dossier on Trump.  Other names such as Ohr, McCabe, Rosenstein, and Mueller were involved as well.  What the public has seen probably only scratches the surface of the levels and years of corruption involved.

The question is, what next?  Will there be justice?

If this were any local “deplorable” citizen, there would be no returning to work the next day, no pension to look forward to, and anyone involved would probably be in prison already.

But we know these are not your “common” citizens and different rules of justice seem to apply.  Anyone who is concerned that justice is done should be praying for that.  Also, to to freedomwatchusa.org and sign a petition for Larry Klayman to be a Special Counsel to investigate.  Larry Klayman has a long history of going after corruption.

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Repost by Permission: Russian Spy Chiefs Testimony Before Special Counsel Robert Mueller Ordered To Highest Classification Rating 

February 1, 2018

Russian Spy Chiefs Testimony Before Special Counsel Robert Mueller Ordered To Highest Classification Rating 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An intriguing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that all “testimonial activities” related to Foreign Intelligence Service (SVRDirector Sergey NaryshkinFederal Security Service (FSBDirector Aleksandr Bortnikov and Main Intelligence Directorate (GRUDirector Colonel-General Igor Korobovall of whom traveled this past week to Washington D.C. to give testimony before the United States Special Counsel’s Office (SCO)—is to receive the classification rating “Of Special Importance”—which is the highest classification level and refers to information which, if released, would cause damage to the entire Russian Federation.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



According to this report [and as we reported on in our 30 January report Top Russian Spy Chief Summoned To Washington Told Trump Considering Mass Arrests], SVR Director Naryshkin was summoned to the United States this past week where upon his arrival he met with top Trump administration intelligence officials—and where, also, an “invitation-opportunity” was extended by these US intelligence officials for SVR Director NaryshkinFSB Director Bortnikov and GRU Director Colonel-General Korobov to testify before Special Counsel for the US Justice Department Robert Mueller.

Upon SVR Director Naryshkin accepting this “invitation-opportunity”, this report continues, FSB Director Bortnikov and GRU Director Colonel-General Korobov traveled to Washington D.C.—with all three of these top intelligence officers submitting themselves to the questions posed to them by Special Counsel Mueller—who is investigating the charade now known as “Trump-Russia” collusion.



Though nothing said by these top Russian intelligence officials to Special Counsel Mueller is contained in this report due to its extremely high classification rating, Security Council analysts do note that when these “testimonies” were completed, US Department of Justice Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray both rushed to the White House—and that was followed, 24 hours later, by President Trump issuing a “Deep State” warning during his State of the Union nationwide speech that he had just signed an order to keep the Guantanamo prison to remain open—with the grave significance of Trump’s order having been previously described by the Minister of Defense (MoD)—and as we detailed in our 31 December report Nuremberg Trial Fears Grow As Guantanamo Prepares For “High Level” American Prisoners.


Highly trained and specialized 850th Military Police Battalion forces deploy from Luke Air Force Base to Guantanamo on 29 December 2017


Within hours of President Trump issuing his “Deep State” warning, though, this report notes, a train carrying nearly all of Trump’s Republic Party colleagues was attacked by what is believed to a hack of a traffic control system that allowed a massive truck to nearly derail it—and that the “Deep State” aligned American cable news propaganda network CNN actually celebrated when one of its commentators, Democratic Party activist Jonathan Tasini, outrageously Tweeted out: “God is working hard today to clean up the stink” because a “train full of Goopers” slammed into a dump truck.



Coinciding with this believed to be “Deep State” attack upon the train carrying President Trump’s Republican Party colleagues, this report continues, one of Trump’s staunchest allies, US Congressman Trey Gowdy, upon his learning that Trump was keeping the Guantanamo prison open—and who was a feared US Federal Prosecutor—abruptly announced he was leaving the US Congress stating “I will not be filing for re-election to Congress nor seeking any other political or elected office…whatever skills I may have are better utilized in a courtroom than in Congress, and I enjoy our justice system more than our political system”—thus leading Security Council analysts to believe that he has been chosen by Trump to lead the prosecution of “Deep State” traitors.

Joining Congressman Gowdy in aiding Trump, this report further notes, is US Congressman Devin Nunes—who is furiously battling the “Deep State” over the release of a document now being called “The Memo” that former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano warns could “reveal the “Deep State” at its most frightening”—and that “Deep State” elements within Trump’s own government, aided by the mainstream propaganda media, are savagely attempting to keep hidden from the America people—but with Trump loyalists within the Republican Party blocking the “Deep State and Congressman Nunes himself writing just hours ago:

Having stonewalled Congress’ demands for information for nearly a year, it’s no surprise to see the FBI and DOJ issue spurious objections to allowing the American people to see information related to surveillance abuses at these agencies.

The FBI is intimately familiar with ‘material omissions’ with respect to their presentations to both Congress and the courts, and they are welcome to make public, to the greatest extent possible, all the information they have on these abuses.

Regardless, it’s clear that top officials used unverified information in a court document to fuel a counter-intelligence investigation during an American political campaign.

Once the truth gets out, we can begin taking steps to ensure our intelligence agencies and courts are never misused like this again.


US Congressman Trey Gowdy (left) and Devin Nunes (right) battle to the death against “Deep State” trying to overthrow President Trump


With President Trump’s American Dream” very rapidly becoming the “Democrat Nightmare, this report concludes, the “Deep State” has now going into full panic mode after a new poll shockingly shows that their expected “Blue Wave” 2018 midterm election hopes are now gone—and whose lies about Trump were exposed for all America to see when he gave his State of the Union speech that the mainstream propaganda media wasn’t able to censor—and that so infuriated CNN, they actually began to dismiss their own polling results when they showed that a stunning 70% of their own viewers now view Trump as favorable.



February 1, 2018 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

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Waitin’ on That Memo

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Repost by Permission: Israeli Prime Minister Vows Complete Annihilation Of Democratic Party In America 

January 31, 2018

Israeli Prime Minister Vows Complete Annihilation Of Democratic Party In America 

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An interesting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that during Monday’s meeting with President PutinIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to completely annihilate the Democratic Party in the United States—and who, during the 2015 Israeli election, spent hundreds-of-thousands of US taxpayer dollars in their bid to defeat Netanyahu—but with Netanyahu being able to saved from this vile Obama-Clinton regime plot to interfere in another nations election by the Republican Party—who allowed Netanyahu to become only the second foreigner to address a joint meeting of the US Congress three times—thus boosting his prestige on the international stage and securing his victory at home.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


Though some in Israel are calling this Prime Minister Netanyahu plan to destroy the Democratic Party “a catastrophe”, this report says, an in-depth study published last week in the United States by the Pew Research Center (that has tracked the American public’s support for Israel for decades) stunningly showed that Democratic support for Israel has plummeted to 27%–while the support of Republicans favoring Israel has risen to 79%–thus proving that these Democrats now pose an existential threat to Israel should they ever regain power.

As to why the Democratic Party has turned its back on Israel, this report explains, is due to its embrace of what is called “identity politics”—which insidiously breaks apart a society by its creating numerous factions aligned by race, sex, nationality, class, region, etc.—which these Democrats desperately need to do in order to survive as the current white population in Americathat stands as 76.9%, has turned against them—thus making it incomprehensible why Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi just slammed President Trump’s immigration plan by calling it “a blue print to make America white again”—but for which no “blue print” is needed as that’s what the US actually is—a nation of white people.



With the vast majority of white Americans turning against the Democratic Party, this report continues, their “identity politics” path to survival shows them needing to import into the United States tens-of-millions poverty stricken uneducated migrants from all around the world—and whom, when coming to the US, would be dependant upon the government for survival—that, in turn, would subject them to be ruled over by the Democrats who have long perfected this forced servitude scheme (keep us in power/we’ll keep you barely surviving/but we’ll destroy your cities) with their nation’s black peoples.

As it pertains to Israel, though, this report explains, this desperate Democratic Party need for poor uneducated migrants included them accepting into the US millions of Muslim peoples under the Obama-Clinton regime—but whose centuries long hatred of the Jewish peoples necessitated the Democrats having to turn against Israel—as these Muslim peoples would never accept living in any country that supports Israel.


Democratic Party imported Muslims vow destruction of Israel in New York City demonstration


This Democratic Party plot to destroy America by flooding it with tens-of-millions of poor and uneducated Muslims that would keep them in power, and by extension destroy Israel, this report notes, met a steel wall when President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton—and whose most long lasting consequence of is the powerful Israel Lobby in the United States now backing Trump and his Republican Party allies.

One extraordinary example of this, this report details, is the equally powerful American conservative Koch Brothers working with their Israel Lobby counterparts to make their first in history mega-million dollar investment in Israeljust weeks ago—and that they followed this week with their stunning announcement pledging an astonishing $400 million to protect President Trump’s Republic Party in the upcoming 2018 midterm US Congressional elections.



Not just has the Israel Lobby been masterminding mega-million dollar donations to protect President Trump and his Republican Party, this report continues, they have, also, unleashed their Christian-Israeli supporters in America—who have now enabled the Republicans to set fund raising records—and whose 2018 midterm election donations now exceed $132 million—sees them having over $38 million cash-on-hand—and their having zero debt.

The anti-Israel and anti-America Democratic Party, however, this report details, has only been able to raise $65 million—has only $6 million cash on hand—and is in debt over $6 million—that former Democratic Party Chairwoman Donna Brazile said was because it was “suffused with white-collar graft”—and that has now led these Democrats to demand that any candidate wishing support first give to their party elites over $250,000—and is the most likely reason why the CEO of the Democratic PartyJess O’Connell, used the “cover” of President Trump’s State of the Union address last night to resign and then slink away into the dark.



As the Democratic Party once portrayed itself as the party of workers, regardless of race or ethnicity, this report points out, it has now been captured by educated coastal elites and minorities that comprise only 24% of the USpopulation—and who have invested in their divisive “identity politics” social movements at the expense in the hard work of party politics, such as organizing and winning elections—but who when warned by one of their most liberal stalwarts, Professor Mark Lilla of Columbia University, of how they were destroying themselves, refused to listen.

In Professor Lilla’s scathing warning book to the Democratic Party titled “The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics”, this report continues, he detailed how American liberalism had fallen under the spell of identity politics with disastrous consequences as its utterly failed over the past two generations—and his correctly stating that, for nearly 40 years, the vision that Ronald Reagan offered—small government, lower taxes, and self-reliant individualism—has remained the United States dominant political ideology—and to which the Democratic Party has offered no convincing competing vision in response to.

To anyone believing that Professor Lilla’s warnings would be heeded by the Democratic Party, though, this report says, they’d be more than mistaken—as instead of him being listened to, he was savagely attacked—to include his Columbia University colleague Professor Katherine Franke who (predictably) accused him of “Making White Supremacy Respectable. Again”, and compared him to former Klan leader David Duke.



With Prime Minister Netanyahu vowing to completely annihilate the Democratic Party, this report continues, one wonders how much he can actually as the Democrats seem to be doing a good job of destroying themselves—and whose latest examples include Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez storming out of the US Congress last night during President Trump’s speech when hundreds of patriotic Americans attending there began shouting “USA! USA!—and who choose as their rebutter to Trump’s speech Democratic Congressman Joe Kennedy—who while speaking to the American people on live television, did so with drool running out of his mouth.



But to gauge the full measure of how much danger the Democratic Party is actually in, this report concludes, one needs only notice that in spite of a full year of President Trump being savagely attacked on an hourly basis by the Democrat controlled US mainstream propaganda media—the masses of the American people were able to hear from directly and unfiltered last night during his State of the Union speech—with 75% saying afterwards that they approved of what he said—and even more astonishingly, 65% saying that Trump’s words actually made them proud—and whom one could predict would never run away from the words “USA! USA!” like Democrats are known to do.



January 31, 2018 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

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