September 2016

Lying in Wait to Deceive

Deception is the name of the game tonight. I personally do not think Hillary is not on the earth any more; like the wicked witch of the West, she is gone where the goblins go. However, a double remains. Of course they need to coach the double who has been practicing.  Hillary has never needed coaching before.

With just a few hours to go before the debate, what will happen to save the memory of Hillary? Will the debate be called off, cancelled, or delayed? Will there be…a false flag?

weather problems?
fainting spell?
judge’s orders?
coughing attack?
war with Russia?
banking collapse?

If they are going to take the eyes off of the double so no one looks too closely, then something has to happen. Of course, expect the media to be in collusion. Don’t expect long, complicated answers to anything. Maybe the rules will reduce the debate to simple “yes” or “no” which is not too hard for a double to manage. Don’t they have voice imaging? How about some forensics experts? Let’s get some experts out there to pour the heat of truth on. However, remember Obama’s birth certificate? The forensic experts got out and proved it was a phony, but the non-journalistic media did not care.

In any case, it should be interesting to see what “crisis” is created between now and tonight to prevent the debate.   Whatever  happens, we know it will be another lie in the memory of Hillary.

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US Foreign Policy in a Nutshell

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Virtual Hillary – CG Hillary

Look at the screen on the cell phone compared to the background.



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Messing With Hillary’s Images

If you view past the 20 minute mark, you can see problems with Hillary’s image, but not the whole screen.


Here are a couple of examples, but there are more.  If it were “snow” everything would be snowy or out of focus, not just Hillary.




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Vote for Donald Trump Anyway

“All of the Republicans out there, I say the same thing … [If you’re] going to stay neutral, you might as well vote for [Hillary Clinton] because your lack of vote for Donald means she’s going to get elected anyway,” he said. “You may not like him, but you [have to] vote for him because he’s going to save this country.” Bernie Marcus


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