November 2015


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300,000 Tons of C02

It’s okay for them, just not for you.

From the Daily Caller: Obama’s Trip To The UN ‘Global Warming’ Summit Emits More CO2 Than Driving 72 Cars For A Year
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Why They Are So Concerned in Paris

The reason the “club” meeting in Paris is so concerned about climate change is not about climate change.

There are fake statistics and we all remember the abnormally cold winter last year.

The reason they are desperate for something to happen is because in the 1960’s there was a report created on how to best control the world.  What common enemy could they come up with to convince the people to give up sovereignty in favor of a world government that would save us all from the common “enemy”?

It was decided that the environment would be a good common enemy.  And so the green movement was born.  It has morphed into “global warming” and lately into “climate change”.  When the facts don’t cooperate with the drama they are creating, they have to change the vocabulary.  After last year’s cold winter, you are more likely to hear of climate change along with global warming.  Yes, the climate changed last winter to being very cold.

Moving on…this usage of vocabulary and the ever changing enemy is something that happens in geopolitics as well.  Remember the “war on terror”?  Lately we have been arming terrorists and the wording has changed numerous times.  Al Quaeda.  ISIL.  ISIS.  IS.  Change the vocabulary to confuse the picture and hide the truth.

Whether it is global warming, climate change, or ISIS, it is all about a struggle as to which elite group will control the world.

So again, why are they so desperate to have it now?  Like the boy who cried wolf too many times, fewer and fewer people think there is any validity to what they say.  I saw a statistic today that only 3% of the American population thinks climate change is a concern.  That’s why the politicians ARE  concerned…because they are quickly losing control over the sheeple.

What will they tell their grandchildren…that they (those “leaders” in Paris) were the elite who lost control over the world and that they, their grandchildren, can no longer hope to be part of the future political/economic elite rulers because their grandparents failed to convince the world of the ruse of climate change and thus lost control of a world-wide dictatorship?  They might be concerned about losing their elite status power structure, but it will be a relief and blessing for the rest of the world as the Lord brings them down.

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Great Scientific Scandal

Cooking the books of global warming….

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It’s Obama

Read this important article (click here).

Quote:  President Obama is the ultimate hidden cell terrorist. It is likely that he heads an unholy alliance between various intelligence services, big business and the world’s most fearsome terrorist organizations. We’re not the enemy of the Islamic State, but bedfellows, and the war that is literally being staged in Syria and Iraq is the ultimate in public theater. 

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