October 2015

Donald Trump on H-1B Visas and Rubio’s Endorsement of Them

Read more about how the H-1B visas have destroyed high tech worker jobs in Disney.

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Compartmentalizing the Discussion

While there were pointless questions last night that many have objected to, one other thing worth pointing out is how they compartmentalized the discussion.

There were barriers around other topics.  This discussion was about economics.

Probably the one most valuable discussion to wake up those who are not yet aware of this was the discussion on Social Security.

Social Security has been stolen by the government.  The cupboard is bare.  Not everyone realizes that.  Hopefully, since last night, they now do.

The other valuable point, for those who were not aware of it, is that Social Security is not the same as welfare.  Social Security was paid into by every working person.  If you do not work, you do not have social security.  It comes from past amounts taken from the paychecks of working people.

If people are given social security who did not work for it, then it is a form of welfare.  But Social Security, in the true and legitimate sense of the word, is money earned by the individual, money that was supposed to be set away in a special account, to be drawn from by the individual that earned it.  That money has been taken by the government.

One extremely important thing that did NOT happen last  night, is to point out the connection between social security and welfare.

The government has taken the money in peoples’ social security accounts.

At the same time, the government is giving money to illegals for the asking.  And, the money the illegals are getting is likely quite a bit more than the earnings of individual social security accounts.  How many people on social security just make a few hundred dollars while welfare payments of food stamps, TANF or free cash for diapers, etc., and Medicaid come to more than a few hundred dollars?

The compartmentalization of the discussion last night did not permit for the connecting of the dots between the two problems.

  1.  Steal social security
  2.  Replace giving social security to those who are likely older, more Patriotic Americans with giving welfare to illegal immigrants who don’t care about the nation, just about a handout

By segmenting the discussion of the debates it disallows any of the candidates to point out the obvious conclusions, which of course, would not be advantageous for the current administration or the socialist point of view.

It is worth pointing out where this will go, since the debates will not allow this discussion, so it needs to be discussed elsewhere.

  1.  starve out, impoverish the older generation, the “greatest generation” and the one right after it that was more Patriotic and concerned about the direction of the nation
  2.  bring in illegals who don’t care about the nation and are interested only in personal gain
  3. bring in Communist radicals or Muslims
  4. turn the land that was lost due to foreclosure from group 1 (point 1 above) to the groups in point 3
  5. Finally, as is with any dictatorship, once those who were used as pawns and puppets in the process have served their purpose, they are eliminated by the dictator.  Past dictators have gone so far as to “photoshop”pictures and eliminate images of those who once walked with them, and who lost their usefulness, and were eliminated.

It is because of Point 5 that anyone who thinks about participating in Points 1-4 for personal gain, should pause.  Do you really think after serving puppet masters you will go free?


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