April 2015

How About 4 Lawyers?

Justice Alito brought out a question that points out the fundamental problem in getting away from God’s definition of marriage.  Things only go downhill when we move away from God’s original, traditional plan.  If the United States wants the blessings of God, it needs to make sure its laws are compatible to God’s laws.  A person can say he doesn’t believe in the law of gravity, but if he jumps off a bridge (don’t jump, not a good idea), he will get an understanding the the law of gravity does exist.  That is true about God’s laws as well.  God laid out His plan for marriage and the family.  To go contrary to that is to invite disruption, destruction, and just look at the nation and connect the dots.  The more this nation throws away God and His principles and laws, the worse things become.  It is simple cause and effect.

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When you start moving away from the traditional definition of marriage, you open a Pandora’s box.  Things too disgusting to even mention here are possible.  Not only that, it opens the door to marriage with computers or robots.  And then what if you are incompatible with your computer and take a hammer and smash it and get rid of it and throw it in the dumpster?   Will you then be guilty of murder?  This is not as far-fetched as you think.  Every step down the slippery slope opens the doorway to hell.  Again, look at the country.  Foundational values the country was formed on have been thrown away.  Decisions need to be made in light of God’s Word, or else, suffer the consequences and don’t be surprised when they come.

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Obama Jokes About Being Muslim, Socialist, and Kenyan

What makes a joke a joke?  Think about any jokes you have laughed at…there is always a grain of truth in them which is why we chuckle.

Maybe there is a reason why Obama jokes about being Muslim, socialist, and Kenyan.  Read more here.

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