March 2015

Walk the Talk Where the Dollar Sign Walks

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.

We’ve all seen those signs in establishment windows.  No one questions them.

Yet when it comes to businesses establishing other standards whereby they operate, all of a sudden, that is not acceptable.  Why?  Indiana and Arkansas are currently two states in question.  And of course, this isn’t even a standard that has to be established.  It is in the Bill of Rights.  Those who try to take it away are in the wrong from the starting gate.

Those who are criticizing the governors are hypocrites.

Apple does business with Mideastern countries for which death is the penalty for gays.  Wal-Mart sells Apple products.

Both companies, if they really want to make a statement about social issues, should offer the same amount of sacrifice they are asking of others.

Perhaps if companies don’t show the same amount of monetary sacrifice they require of others in  order to have a consistent social message, they should not be allowed to have a voice at all.

Both Apple and Wal-Mart are okay with a bakery going out of business for the owner/owners not wanting to violate his/her religious conscience.  They don’t mind if the “little guy” loses a dollar.

However, their so-called stand for equality and rights for gays does not extend so far as to not do business with countries that execute gays.  That is hypocrisy.  These companies are willing for a little guy to make a sacrifice for values whereas they make no sacrifice…they have no values but the value of a dollar.  These corporations don’t have to take a stand, or the only stand they take, is for their bottom line.  And if their message is not consistent, but they make more money for the shareholders, well, maybe they consider that as being good business.  Is it?

That brings about the question for gays.  Should they buy Apple products, the products of a company that does business with nations that execute gays?  Should they go to Wal-Mart because it supports Apple and sells their products, and it all goes back to both companies being connected to countries that execute gays?  Do gays want to be consistent in their voice, or is it about a different agenda?

I think the nation as a whole should cease to listen to mouthpieces who will not be consistent in their message.  Why should companies and CEOs who hypocritically make statements be quoted in the press?  Why does the press give any room to these people?  Their title is nothing if they cannot consistently walk out their message.

If the message is not consistent, then maybe we should quit listening to the hypocritical voices.


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