February 2015

Senator Rand Paul at CPAC

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Defund Homeland Security

Republicans need to not cave and crumble before Democrats. Where is their backbone? They need to keep their campaign promises.

You would think that they would be smart enough to realize that all this is about is bringing in poor and uneducated people who will need to rely on the government, on welfare, on food stamps, on Medicaid, on government programs to survive and thus these people will continue to vote  Democrat for big government.  Republicans, it is all about getting out the votes against you, do you understand?  If the Republicans can’t figure it out, and there are some smart ones among them, but when they keep allowing illegals in who will eventually vote them out of office, as well of conservative principles out of government, that is not very smart.  When they are allowing illegal immigration they are signing their own death warrant politically.  Their reward will be justly due karma.

The only ones who want illegal immigration are those whose jobs depend on their votes.  Americans who have to support illegal immigrants by working and paying taxes, or Americans who lose jobs to them, or Americans whose children cannot go to college, but illegal immigrants can…none of these Americans gain.  Then there are the  Americans who have contracted diseases, been raped or killed by them, or had their property stolen or destroyed.  None of these Americans can gain from illegal immigrants.

No, the only ones who gain are those who votes depend on them, or those whose financial portfolios are fattened by government programs that stand to gain by big government.  Neither of those groups are the average American.

As for Homeland Security, what is the point of having Homeland Security if the borders are open and criminal elements, illegals who will take jobs, and those who are carrying diseases are pouring over the borders? If you don’t shut down the illegal immigration, there is no point in having a Department of Homeland Security.  If you don’t stop the problem at the border you are playing games to think you can solve it within the border.  All it is is a  reason to call for more money, more government, and more cushy government jobs in return political favors.  And you know that word, “homeland”, has always  bothered me.  Isn’t that what Hitler called Germany…the homeland?  It’s a Nazi word.

Besides that, the DHS is gearing up to go after patriots, not illegals. The DHS falls in the same category as the TSA and the IRS. We don’t need them.  As long there are black ops operations by three letter agencies within the United States government creating false flag events and chaos, here and abroad, we don’t need to be funding these kinds of government agencies. Bring back the Second Amendment and let the American people be their own department of homeland security. That’s what the Second Amendment was for. If you have a problem, and call 911, DHS is not going to show up at your house and help you, and likewise, the police don’t have time to get there either.

The Senate crumbled before the Democrats and the House needs to resist funding DHS.  They need to ensure that the illegals are returned back to their countries of origin.

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Representative Trey Gowdy Discusses the Real Problem

Rep. Trey Gowdy hits the center of many problems the United States is experiencing.

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Bobby Jindal Wants a Total Repeal of Obamacare

Actually, that is what the November vote was about, but some Republicans have forgotten.

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Bobby Jindal is the only one who understands.  To the rest of Congress, “What is it about ‘NO’ to Obamacare that you don’t understand?”

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Internet, RIP? by Ron Paul

Link to original article:  http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/peace-and-prosperity/2015/february/26/internet-rip/

Internet, RIP?

undefinedToday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a non-elected federal government agency, voted three-to-two to reclassify broadband Internet as a common carrier service under Title II of the Communications Act. This means that – without the vote of Congress, the peoples’ branch of government – a federal agency now claims the power to regulate the Internet. I am surprised that even among civil liberties groups, some claim the federal government increasing regulation of the Internet somehow increases our freedom and liberty.The truth is very different. The adoption of these FCC rules on the Internet represents the largest regulatory power grab in recent history. The FCC’s newly adopted rule takes the most dynamic means of communication and imposes the regulatory structure designed for public utilities. Federal regulation could also open the door to de facto censorship of ideas perceived as threatening to the political class – ideas like the troops should be brought home, the PATRIOT Act should be repealed, military spending and corporate welfare should be cut, and the Federal Reserve should be audited and ended.

The one bright spot in this otherwise disastrous move is that federal regulations making it more difficult to use the Internet will cause more Americans to join our movement for liberty, peace, and prosperity. The federal government should keep its hands off of the Internet!

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