June 2014

Lab Rats

This article talks about how people are used as lab rats.

This is only part of it.  There are chemicals in our food, water, and the products we use.  Chemicals are sprayed into the skies through HAARP.  Mind control waves are sent out through HAARP.   Electromagnetic pulses are used.  People are bombarded with psychologically crafted messages through the TV screen and through the media.   We have books, movies, TV shows, and video games that condition the mass mindset.  History books are rewritten and revised.  The money and credit supply is manipulated.  News is manipulated.  Political messages are manipulated.  People are drugged.   There are a lot of other ways that people are being used as lab rats than above.  The whole nation is really one big experimental laboratory.

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Obama Was Never At Columbia University

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Countries Banding Against US Hegemony

Read more here.

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Illegal Immigrant Cheat Sheet

The current flux of illegal immigrants is engineered…they have a cheat sheet of what to say.

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So Why Wait?

Why wait?  What takes them so long to act in DC?  If it were your local yokel doing the kinds of things that go on in DC, he would have been removed legally long ago.  Remove him legally due to the fraudulent birth certificate, and all that he signed, executive orders, etc., become null and void because how can someone with no legitimate authority give authority to anything?  Authority is granted under following the Constitution, not by breaking the highest law in the land.

A question to be asked is does anyone have authority if they are not following the law?  Could you go in and sign a bill or create an executive order without legal authority?  What if a person is not following the law, regardless of title, does that person have legitimate legal authority or is the authority suspended if the person himself is lawless?

Does title give authority?  Does colour-of-law title give authority?  Or does following the Constitution give authority?  Should someone be removed when the Oath of Office is broken?  Is everything created outside legitimate legal authority null and void?

If authority doesn’t matter, and being under authority doesn’t matter, why bother with anything?  Send a two year old into run a company.  Send a five year old to sign legal documents.  There is no difference, if you can understand the point here, that no matter what a person says, if they are not under legal authority, then why are their decisions legitimate or followed?

How about health care…do you want a bureaucrat who has not be licensed as a doctor making your health decisions.  What is the difference?  Do you get the point?

This thing about authority…is it real?  Or is it just a word and it doesn’t matter anymore what it means?

Does the person in the White House have, or ever had, due to the birth certificate issue, legitimate authority?  If not, why, out of all persons on the earth, is he allowed to make up things that seem to have authority, but do not.

Impeachment implies that Obama has legal authority.  In this writer’s opinion, he does not due to the birth certificate issue.  So how can anything he signed or said or appointed be truly legal in terms of the Constitution and law?  Why give something credence when it doesn’t deserve it?

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