January 2014

Black Reporter Summarizes Obama

A black reporter summarizes Obama, click here to read it.

When a white person says similar things, Obama’s camp and the lap dog press and media pull out the race card in an attempt to intimidate those who would speak the truth.

Quoting from the article, here’s a great statement.

“There is no scenario known to man, whereby a white president and his wife could ignore laws, flaunt their position, and lord over the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.”

Because people were afraid of being called racist, they did not examine the birth certificate in 2008, they gave Obama a pass…and look at what looking away and ignoring the Constitution has brought us.  Giving comfort to, and aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States, who is not legally holding office, is not winning any ideological or Constitutional wars.

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Blacks Respond to Obama’s SOTU

These Chicago blacks responded to Obama’s SOTU. They should have been given a chance to speak after Obama to refute what he said. The people on the streets, the people in the communities, are more aware of the destructiveness of the policies that come out of Obama’s administration than those in D.C. These individuals made great comments about how Obama’s speech did nothing for them. There was a request for Obama to step down.

For some reason, I can’t the full video here yet, not sure if there is hacking going on or what, but click here to watch.

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Riots In The Streets, Public Either Dumb or Awake

Corrupt leaders are trending towards war again because the focus on war gives them space to hide their corruption and economic theft. Just say “No” to the objectives of the globalists, cabalists, and NWO.

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Have We Gone Mad? What Lunacy!

This Swiss member of Parliament  has hit it on the head.  He understands the real dangers of Islam as a method of destruction of Western Civilization.

Americans, on the other hand, for the most part, are ignorant of the dangers of Islam.  As he points out, politicians think Muslims can be bought off with social favors to integrate them into Western culture.  No.  It’s not possible.  Anyone who is not a Muslim and who does not abide by the Muslim doctrine is an infidel who must be killed.  A moderate Muslim is no more possible than a moderate case of cancer.  A little bit of cancer will destroy you or grow until it does.  Likewise, Muslims may appear moderate when they are the minority in a society, but then the more radicalized version of Islam appears as Muslims grow to be the majority.

This Swiss politician exhibits a lot of intelligence and awareness.

Contrarily, the politicians in Washington D.C., are unwilling to even discuss this topic.

We have a Muslim in the White House, who got there by means of a fraudulent birth certificate, who is changing the country through means of a trojan horse administration, and enacting, basically, a coup d’etat while the whole world watches.  He, and his criminal counterparts, need to be put behind bars and everything that was signed, vetoed, appointments, treaties, Obamacare, Executive Orders, all of it, needs to become NULL AND VOID because the person who signed it all (or made the treaty, E.O., etc.) had no legitimate authority to do so, having come into the position through fraud and deception and a document (his birth certificate) that is considered a felon to produce fraudulently.  That’s the way to get Islam out of the United States, starting from the top down, including all the appointments that have been given to Muslims in D.C.

We just don’t have someone with the guts to say these things that operates at the level of a politician as they currently do in Switzerland.  Our politicians, for the most part, are running scared, blackmailed, threatened, silenced…but no one is saying anything like this in such a direct manner as this politician did.

Our politicians want to take a softer approach (and the approach of failure) by dealing with Obamacare.  They need to go to the root…we have an illegal alien in the White House.  Remove him and everything else goes with him.  So far, there has not arisen anyone like a Patton or MacArthur or David of the Old Testament, or even a John Wayne, to ride into D.C. and get down to business and remove the crooks.  How much evidence do you need and how long does it take to figure it out?

This politician, apparently, has more brain cells rubbing together than some of the folks in D.C., because things are as bad, or worse here, and no one except the alternate media on the internet seems to have figured it out.  Certainly our politicians and regular media are not focusing on these issues.

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Il Silenzio – Taps

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